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Safe and compliant systems

CAME considers the safety of its products to be of primary importance. In response to the latest European standards concerning impact forces CAME have developed a series of products and accessories that comply with the latest European laws and machinery directives.

The European Union has finally passed a series of laws which clearly regulate the automation industry. Any new or existing installation requires a declaration of conformity. CAME has for some time now made available a complete range of automated operators that are EN Tested – and ready to be certified on site by the installers. The EN Tested principle is based on new electronics, new motors, new protection systems, new mechanics, new patents and devices for achieving total safety even when installing in a variety of contexts. Thanks to these standards many businesses in the UK automation industry choose CAME technology to ensure their installations meet the standards of safety their customers demand.


Automation Systems

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We use CAME automation systems. CAME are one of the worlds leading manufactures of gate automation systems.

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