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358 Security mesh (prison mesh)

200 x 50 Twin wire

Gateway Profile mesh

Gateway Mesh System

Commonly known for its narrow appetures, preventing ‘would be’ intruders having foot or finger holds, therefore making it extremely difficult to climb. Available in many heights, colours and finishes.

One of  our most popular medium level weld mesh fences. preferred for its appearance and simple installation, combined with strength and security.

Twin wire typically uses 6mm vertical wires welded between a pair of twin 8mm horizontal wires . This is a robust modular panel system available in many heights, colours and finishes.

Gateway supply and stock three different types of mesh systems ranging in various heights, 200 x 50 profile 656 complete with 4NO ‘bevels’. 200 x 50 twin wire 868 6mm verticals 8mm horizontals and 358 (prison mesh) security mesh.

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