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Gateway steel fabrications specialize in RSJ Steel Beams, for both builders and the general public. Whether it is a single beam or an entire fabricated and erected frame, we can supply all of your structural steel. We supply all steel cut to size. Additionally we offer a full fabrication service to accommodate hole drilling, mitering and welding to your exact requirements.

Universal Beam (UB)

‘I’ shaped beams but can also be described as ‘H’ shaped (steel RSJ) beam. Universal beams are always higher than their width.
Sizes range from 127mm high—915mm high.
Dimensions—1st dimensions is always the height—2nd

Dimension is always the width—3rd dimension is always the weight in kilograms per metre.

Universal beam / column (UC)

It can also be described as ‘I’ shaped beam or a ‘H’ shaped beam. Sizes range from 100mm high—305mm high.

Originally designed for usage as posts or columns, however today’s current usage is more frequently in that of a conventional beam.

This is mainly due to its reduced height and increased strength as a beam. Dimensions—UC’S come in standard sizes and its height and width are always the same.

Parallel flange channel (PFC)

Known as ‘C’ beam
Sizes range from 50mm high—400mm high.
The old term used for PFC was RCS or rolled steel channel, this may still be requested.

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